1. Make sure that the following files are loaded onto the Handy Board (in addition to those that are loaded normally):








2. Reset the HandyBoard and make sure that IC is closed so that the serial port is not in use.  The serial connector should be attached to comm1.  Alternatively, if a second serial connector were attached to comm2, IC could use comm2 and not interfere with comm1 (which will be the first comm port found and used by this software).


3. Edit make.bat and server.bat files as necessary.  You will need to edit these files to make sure the various paths are set properly.


4. Compile all the java files.  You will need the Java Communications Extension from the java website.  It is very important to follow the installation instructions for the comm package or it will not work properly.


5. Run the java program*: the main class is Server.  Make sure to set the robot.path variable when running java (as shown in the server.bat file) in order for the gui to properly load image files.


*Important Note for Windows machines:


There is an odd bug that prevents java from detecting the serial ports if the program is run from anything other than your main windows drive (C:).  The actual code can be anywhere you like, but you will have to run the java command from somewhere in the main windows drive (C:\) directories.  For example, if you are running win2k from the E: drive, then you will need to run the java command from somewhere in the E:\ directories.