Forces of Conquest:
A Strategic Game of Territorial Domination

Jon John, Eric Hayes, Yu Ding, James Lacovara, Lori Gratch

What is FOC?

Forces of Conquest is a strategy game that was designed to be similar to a board game but complex enough that computer play would be more enjoyable.  The game is for two to four players.  The "board" will consist of a grid on which resources will be arranged in the form of various territory types.  The object of the game is to capture the other players' flag(s).  To do this, you can build up armies using various units, but to stop your opponent you will need to accumulate resources to improve and maintain your army units and build up walls and towers to protect your flag.
What is this project?
Forces of Conquest is the result of a 6 month software engineering project at Drexel University.   All seniors take a two-part Software Engineering Workshop course where teams of 4 or 5 people design and implement a piece of software of their own design.  Our team decided to do a game, and this is the result.  The first 3 months were spent designing the game, and the second 3 months were spent implementing it (all this work was done while taking our other senior classes, so the total time spent is much less than 6 months worth of normal business hours).
Who did what?
Jon John
game concepts, game design, java coding (GUI and some game engine), some graphics, game testing
Eric Hayes
game design, java coding (game engine), some documentation, game testing
Yu Ding
game graphics, some documentation, beta testing
James Lacovara
some game design, user manual, beta testing
Lori Gratch
documentation, beta testing, requirements to design consistency
If you wish to simply run the game, you only need to download the jar file and install a Java Runtime Environment (JRE).  This game REQUIRES java 1.4 to be installed.  Only the JRE is needed for running the game, but the SDK is needed to build the game from source (both can be obtained from ). On Windows systems, if you have either the JRE or the SDK installed properly, you should be able to just open the jar file to run the game.  Otherwise, you can run the game by executing the following command from a command prompt:
java -jar foc.jar